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G17/19 Short Pull, Short Reset 2.0 'Lightning Tap' Trigger - Billet Trigger with Bar

G17/19 Short Pull, Short Reset 2.0 'Lightning Tap' Trigger - Billet Trigger with Bar

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TF Tactical SPSR 'Lightning Tap' Trigger - Gold/Black Billet Trigger with Bar, Glock Compatible, Short Pull - Short Reset 2.0


There are a few key points that all shooters look for in a striker fire pistol trigger: speed, accuracy, consistency, and reliability. The Lightning Tap "SPSR" by TF Tactical checks all of the boxes.


The Lighting Tap "SPSR" (Short Pull Short Reset) Glock Compatible Trigger by TF Tactical has a crisp, clean design and is proudly made in the USA. The trigger shoe is machined from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. This new version of the classic trigger features an adjustable length of pull and users can also adjust the amount of reset.


The SPSR is made with TF Tactical's signature flat-faced "Hook" trigger. This design brings in all of the advantages of a flat-faced trigger design, but the hook at the end gives a reference as to where the finger is on the trigger. This enables the shooter to not have to pay attention to finger placement on the trigger as the ergonomics of this trigger have made correct finger placement on the trigger so natural it happens automatically. This design is not only ideal for the initial trigger pull but makes correct trigger finger placement for repeat shots natural and effortless. This allows the shooter to either stay on target or acquire new targets with less effort and with greater speed.


This SPSR version is compatible with Glock Gen 1-3 and works with both 17 and 19 platforms (9mm only), and also is compatible with 80% and aftermarket frames like Polymer80 and Lone Wolf.

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